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Kindness Matters: Sharing Bees

Sadie is a kind worker bee who enjoys sharing with all of the other bees in Honeycomb City. Sharing and being kind makes Sadie very happy! She especially loves sharing with the baby bees because they are so cute. Now that Spring has finally arrived, Sadie and her best bee friends, Gabby, Madi, and Simone, have made plans to leave HoneyComb City in search of the most beautiful flowers so that they can bring back lots of pollen and nectar to the hive.

While they are away pollinating, Sadie's willingness to be kind and share with others proves helpful when a problem arises that will make it very difficult for all of the worker bees to make it back to Honeycomb City safely.

Coloring Book

Sadie enjoys buzzing around Honeycomb City with her three best friends Gabby, Simone, and Madi. Being kind to other bees makes Sadie very happy! This adorable purple haired bee is sure to make you smile, and want to do a kind deed for someone.

Gabby has cute orange ponytails.She is the oldest of the four worker bee friends. She is warm, encouraging, and very wise. Gabby, always has great ideas to help solve problems.

Madi is sassy with pretty blue hair. She loves to have fun, and always finds ways to make her best friends laugh when they are out and about around Honeycomb City.

Simone is thoughtful and considerate. This pink haired worker bee is also very protective of her best friends, and loves it when they are all together buzzing around pollinating flowers.

About me

Antoinette Clark- Author of "Kindness Matters"

Antoinette Clark has spent most of her adult life helping others. She is the President/CEO of Shoulders of Strength, Incorporated, which was founded in 2004 and provides support coordination and counseling services to both children and adults with disabilities and mental health issues. She also founded a non-profit, Community Connections, Inc. in 2006, that provides a variety of resources to Veterans and families who require assistance. To find out more about the services that Shoulders of Strength and Community Connections offer, please visit and

As an adult, Antoinette has spent her career developing her entrepreneurial skills in for profit and non-profit endeavors. However, she has never strayed from her first love that developed during childhood, writing. The culmination of this love is the publication of her first children's book in the series, Kindness Matters. It can be found on Amazon, Barnes and Noble, and through her publishing company, Royal 7 Publishing.



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