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Mini Dragon Group (ages 6-7)

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Antares AVOX Bundle VST.RTAS.v1.1.3 AiR.torrent

  • THROAT: A physical modeling vocal designer that lets you modify the vocal tract shape of your vocals, changing the character and quality of your voice.

  • WARM: A tube saturation generator that adds warmth and richness to your vocals with adjustable tube model, drive, and bias.

  • HARMONY ENGINE: A vocal modeling harmony generator that lets you create up to four-part vocal harmonies with adjustable voice type, variation, and humanization.

  • MIC MOD: A classic microphone modeler that lets you emulate the sound of over 200 different microphones with adjustable proximity, low cut, and polarity.

The Benefits

Antares AVOX Bundle VST.RTAS.v1.1.3 AiR.torrent is a powerful and versatile vocal processing software that can help you improve your vocal production in many ways. Here are some of the benefits of using Antares AVOX Bundle:

Antares AVOX Bundle VST.RTAS.v1.1.3 AiR.torrent

  • Quality: Antares AVOX Bundle uses the same technology and algorithms as Antares Auto-Tune, the world standard for professional pitch correction and vocal effects. You can expect high-quality and natural-sounding results from Antares AVOX Bundle.

  • Creativity: Antares AVOX Bundle gives you a wide range of options and possibilities to shape and transform your vocals. You can create anything from subtle enhancements to radical changes, depending on your musical style and preference.

  • Compatibility: Antares AVOX Bundle works as a VST or RTAS plugin in any compatible host application, such as Pro Tools, Cubase, Logic, FL Studio, and more. You can use Antares AVOX Bundle with any audio source, such as vocals, instruments, or samples.

  • Affordability: Antares AVOX Bundle offers a great value for money, as you get 11 plugins for the price of one. You can save a lot of money and time by using Antares AVOX Bundle instead of buying separate plugins for each vocal processing task.



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