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Monica - The Boy Is Mine 1998.rar

On "The Makings of Me" Monica doesn't co-write any song but it does feel like it's less thughish and much more personal. Producers are Missy Elliott and Jermaine Dupri, Swizz Beats among others but this time Monica got more control and there are more potential hitsingles too. First single was the obligatory club song "Everytime a Beat Drop" with Franchise Boyz, which is the worst of this album. A club song anyone could have came up with. But that is only one of two club songs with Swizz Beatz produced "Raw" which sounds more polished with an elegant piano backround, only if Swizz could learn to shut his mouth during the hook cause it feels very trying. There are plenty of better numbers though, Curtis Mayfield sampled "A Dozen Roses" with a flava of classic soul. I wonder why it isn't called "The Makings Of You" cause that is what they sing. This song is Misst produced and will be the next single I think. "Sideline Ho" deals with infedelity, "Ain't you tired of being on the sideline?/Tired of getting yours after I get mine?/ baby second place don't get a prize when you gone relize you wasting your time" maybe it deals with her relation with Young Buck, who knows. I think this is the best song of this album.

Monica - The Boy Is Mine 1998.rar

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Due to this being the first full Grey Daze recording to surface and quite a few songs being uncovered for the first time, the show page is pretty extensive and worth checking out for much more information on the show. While it took us over a week to examine the full set, we covered as much as possible with the (unreleased) songs and changes to the other songs.

- Since it was such an early show and featured a different guitarist named Steve Mitchell, the guitar parts of known songs were slightly or entirely different from what ended being up released nearly a year later on the band's first album 'Wake Me' with guitar solos being the most prominent difference. Some drum parts were different as well.

Real Records was a short lived LA-based record label founded by Stevie Nicks' former manager Glen Parrish around 1995. The label existed for nearly two years with the most prominent band under its wing being Ugly Mus-Tard. According to Andy Barrett, that almost completely finished Grey Daze album was shelved because Glen did not raise the funds to finish the studio time.

Due to the tape's unique nature, it can be regarded as both a professionally recorded live performance and a huge batch of studio demos at the same time! We also didn't get to hear any live versions of either "Holding You" or "Believe Me" before this release. "Painted" from this recording is probably the closest thing to a studio version of the song that we'll ever be able to hear. The most prominent differences between the way the songs were performed during the session and their final album versions include "Shouting Out" that did not feature any female backing vocals and "She Shines" with undeveloped second half of the song.

> Q: Do you think that you left Grey Daze very early 1995? I was always under impression that you left around mid-to-late 1995, or even early 1996, but during the interview at the Saltmine the band says that they are "together for about a year" and "Jason is for about 7 months". It means the interview happened around late 1994 - early 1995. And as you said, you're not there during the interview because you had just left the band.

Many months later, a friend of mine said they had gone out to see a band from Los Angeles, and that the singer had said to say hi to me. My friend couldn't remember the name of the singer, but remembered the name of the band: Hybrid Theory. I had no clue who he was talking about until I heard Linkin Park's record, Hybrid Theory. The rest is history. I smile that I played a tiny part in his success, and wish Chester many more years of even larger successes.

Dennis deployed to South Vietnam with the Battalion on 8 February 1969, serving as a member of 12 Platoon, D Company. He started the Tour as a Private and later was promoted to Lance Corporal section 2IC. He was wounded on 15 June of that year in the Dat Do mine incident. Dennis returned to Australia aboard HMAS Sydney on 5 March 1970. He was a unique character, enthusiastic, spontaneous and at times apt to attract the wrath of a platoon sergeant, but it never dampened his spirit.

PTE Barry "Bazza" Hoskin passed away peacefully in Hospital on Wednesday 13 January. He had been undergoing tests to determine why he had not been feeling well for a few months. The tests that had been completed were negative and an autopsy will be conducted to determine the cause of death.Barry served with 12 Platoon, D Company from 2 May 1966 to 3 February 1967 when he was returned to Australia due to a medical condition.Funeral arrangements: Barry's funeral will be at 1430hrs Friday 22 January at Padthaway, South Australia.Notified by Mal LyonsD Company 1st Tour.

I received a phone call late this afternoon from Cheryl Heley to advise that her husband Doug Heley passed away peacefully this morning. Doug was recently diagnosed with cancer and I had the opportunity to visit him on several occasions whilst he was hospitalised in Canberra and bravely fighting his battle before returning to his home town. The Heley's reside near Young NSW. Doug was a popular and valued member of 9 Platoon C Company 1st tour as well as being one of those vital people who robustly carried an MG.The funeral service to celebrate his life will be held at :St John's Anglican Church, Cloete Street Young, NSW at 2.00pm on Thursday, 16 September.Rest in peace Doug. Your mates will miss you.Roger WainwrightPresident5RAR AssociationFrom John Deane-Butcher:Douglas Franklin Heley passed away peacefully at his home in Young NSW on September 10 2010 after a short unexpected but courageous battle with cancer. Doug was supported by his loving family wife Cheryl children Yolanda and Dan son in law Andrej and cherished grandchildren Luka Natasha and his as yet third unborn grandchild. Also the extended family including brothers Ron & Peter and their families. Doug's mother was due to turn 100 within a few days of his passing.Doug was a member of 9 Platoon Charlie Company first tour and was an exceptional soldier who carried the machine gun for the entire tour. He was a much admired member of the platoon and company. This was evident when 30 of his fellow soldiers attended the service at Young to pay their respects and support his family. The guard of honour that was formed outside the lovely country church was a powerful mark of respect and support.In life after his two years service Doug quietly went about becoming a leader in Australia in the field of growing mushrooms and the processing of the residue. He was instrumental in building a large factory in the Singleton region to this end. In later years he established a successful prune orchard and he and Cheryl marketed this product into a niche market ... a resourceful couple.Doug was a quite determined capable person who will be sadly missed by all his mates whom he caught up with at many reunions. 9 Platoon and C Company, as well as the 5 RAR Association sends commiserations to Cheryl, Yolanda, Dan and Family.Well done DOUG HELEY. Rest peacefully.John Deane-Butcher,9 Platoon Commander 1st Tour

Ian Robert Hosie was born on the 22nd March, 1946 in Wagga Wagga NSW. He was educated a Tamworth High School and entered the Royal Military College Duntroon in 1964.On graduation, he was posted to 5 RAR and served as a platoon commander on operational service in South Vietnam 1969-70. Ian cherished his time as a platoon commander and was always concerned for his men.After Vietnam, Ian returned as an instructor at the Infantry centre and later returned to his battalion as a company commander and then served as a staff officer.Ian Hosie resigned his commission because of ill health in 1998, even then he was called back on a part-time basis as author of a platoon pamphlet on platoon and section leadership.The Eulogy delivered by The Chief of the general Staff - Personnel stated in part: " He was courageous, as was demonstrated on war service where he was wounded. On the Rugby field, the boxing ring or on the athletics track, where he was determined to succeed, often in the company of much larger opponents."Ian was made a Member of the Military Division of the Order of Australia in 1984 for his leadership, dedication to duty and example in training.To read a tribute to Major Hosie 350c69d7ab

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